Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rydal Falls

Rydal Falls painted in Watercolours

Painted  on Stretched  Arches 140lbs not with Cobalt, Ultramarine and a hint of Winsor Blue.
The yellow palette was Lemon, French Ochre and Winsor Yellow and  not leaving out my favourite Permanent Rose. 
I used some masking fluid in the waterfall, a sponge to soften the rocks and another sponge to help with foliage. The Palette knife was nearly used more than a brush, which makes me wonder could I paint an entire watercolour with just a palette knife!!!!

These hidden waterfalls at Rydal are a delight to find and with a super cafe near the top of the bridge, what more does an artist need. The best part is the little Dipper that plays on the rocks, maybe I should add him into the painting?

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