Monday, 18 February 2013

Castle Crag a walk to delight.

A super glorious day in the Lakes yesterday found me walking down the path in Grange in Borrowdale.
Heading up the Cumbrian way, taking a left and up Castle Crag a proper little Lake mountain.

The sun was shinning and also the wind was blowing strongly down the pass. Castle Crag is the hill you can see silhouetted  on the left 

Nearing the path up to Castle Crag, I noticed a family walking precariously up the scree, the kids bounded in front, Dad struggling with a toddler on his back and Grandma and Grandad bringing up the rear, I did wonder why?

With a lovely easy path missing out the dangerous scree

The light on the Scotts Pines was stunning. I could imagine Pastels or a study in Oils

The top was reached and what a fabulous view from this lofty peak. Looking down to Rosthwaite and Eagle Crag, where I painted last year with a lovely group of Artists.

I sat and looked and ate a sandwich and enjoyed recognising some of my favourite places.
Blencathra in the distance, Skiddaw towering high, Wall Crag, Bleaberry Fell and Kings How all super Wainwright walks, Derwentwater and the river Derwent glistening below. What a view and bathed in sunshine. I did manage a quick sketch, it is funny, get a sketchbook out and people cannot help themselves they have to have a look over your shoulder, would they do this is you were writing a journal! 

In a painting I always like a path that leads the eye through into the distance and the glistening stream just adds to this..

This typical scene reminds me of an Alfred Heaton Cooper 

Another study that I feel would make a painting. Over the stile and down to Rosthwaite

My favourite stretch of river, the colours in the water are made of magic, I never capture it with the camera nor with the paint brush but that is what keeps me trying.

For those of you that know this stretch of river will have seen the emerald glow.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Very special photos. I sat back, relaxed, and let myself drink in the beauty. I was wondering if I could use any of them for inspiration for a painting?

Jane Ward said...

Hi Julie, Really pleased you enjoyed my Sunday walk and yes you can use them for inspiration, look forward to hearing how you get on.

our shabby cottage said...

Thanks for sharing Jane, I always love your posts from a beautiful part of the world. Regarding people peeping over your shoulder, I reckon they do it to see if you can actually draw/paint, you know "Let's see if she can really paint", LOL, if you were writing a journal they wouldn't look because they know you can write!!!

Jane Ward said...

Shabby Cottage, you are so right, it is natural and everyone does it. I'm chuffed to know that you are enjoying my mad blogging ramblings xx