Monday, 7 January 2013

Sketchbook tales

The view from Chalet Anpie, Samoens

I thought I would share with you a few quick colour sketches from my sketchbooks. I think there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting watching the world go by, be it a busy market or a still mountain scene and even a pounding waterfall rushing and gushing. I love a new sketchbook and always have one with me on my travels, I would feel quite lost without one, a couple of  brushes, a small palette of colour and a waterproof pen. Twenty minutes is all you need and you have a lovely reminder of a place in time.

The depths of a snow storm in Les Houches, Chamonix

Market day Iseo and the fruit stall

L'ombrello giallo, Iseo town

Over a cappuccino I caught this bustling flower stall

A morning sketch at Friars Crag, with Newlands valley

Rydal Falls painted inside the Folly, where I think there is a ghostly kind artist spirit!!

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my sketchbooks.

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