Thursday, 31 January 2013

Balloons above Samoens

We had a trip to Annecy, it's only one hour from Samoens, so makes a great day out on a non ski day.
And with all those calories burned off this week, I felt no guilt picking a yummy 'Theatre Tartlet' 

I think artists do enjoy eating something that looks so appealing.

I've only visited Annecy once, many years ago and remember doing a quick sketch just here, it is a classic shot and did look very different in June.

This week, nearly every morning between 9.30 and 11am, seventeen Balloons have taken off from Les Carroz and floated majestically over the skies of Samoens. It's a 20th anniverary Balloon meeting 
What a wonderful thing to do! great watching and counting them, I bet the views are amazing.

Today was our last ski day, the photo above shows NOT how bittery cold and windy it was.
  Still very beautiful, in a raw icy wind.
The snow conditions have been so different this week from heavy snow causing massive moguls that either had to be bypassed or ploughed through and today sheer ice that on red runs certainly got the adrenalin pumping. With wonderful quiet pistes all to yourselves and no lift queues, Samoens is a super place to ski.

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