Friday, 4 January 2013

Painting ideas

Dusk, Derwentwater 
painted in Watercolours

I sit here at my desk with a blank canvas ready for some colourful action, do you have the same problem, what to paint? The weather over Christmas was a little dire and grey, perfect for lounging on the sofa and watching sloppy films while eating chocolates.! Not all the time, I really enjoyed working slowly on ' Dusk' as you know  my favourite view of Derwentwater.
But now a new year has dawned and so we need inspiration, more colour and of course direction. I find I do need to be inspired I wish sometimes a magic wand could be waved and wooosh a painting idea pops in to my head.

But really it doesn't take very long, I find a walk out is all it needs at times.

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