Friday, 18 May 2012

Walking in a woodland with a paintbrush

The Oils are still in favour, I mentioned a few weeks ago about been inspired by David Hockney. A few sleepless nights later thinking about how I would tackle a woodland scene I decided to go for it. With a canvas panel measuring 24 x 24 inch I applied transparent Acrylics, using complementary shades. With this dry I then began finding my way in the Woodland scene. 

Stage two, using Indigo, permanent rose and winsor yellow in the background I'm starting to walk my way forward. With the woodland walks and hedgerows looking so beautiful, full of colourful wild flowers it is a joy to try and capture this scene with only a paint brush and palette knife. I'm hoping to get a little further through my wood today so will keep you posted 

Painting outdoors can be a little trying in rain, but you can see here a few heavy raindrops can cause amazing light and freshen the landscape.

Next watercolour weekend for beginners 
who fancy a little outdoor painting beside Derwentwater with views like this.
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June more details

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