Friday, 11 May 2012

A painting day in Grasmere

Here are a few glimpses of a painting day with Lakeland Art Courses in Grasmere.
With cameras and paints at the ready we head off down to Rydal Water. Sunshine greets us walking to the shore, bags are dropped at base camp and with cameras and viewfinders we decide what to paint first. Will it be the Bluebells sparkling in the morning light underneath a shapely tree, with warm hues of raw Sienna perfect for the moss on top of the rocks. A simple wet in wet misty background is all it needs.

Whilst at the lakeshore reflections of perfect Rhododendrons in full Opera Pink glow, and Marsh Marigolds sit prettily in the foreground.

With more Marigolds shouting to be painted, but what looms behind is what I call the 'Wretched tree' 
A beautiful tree I admit for sitting on and admiring a stunning vista, but always a difficult one to portray with paint.

Now I went for the easier option!  'Silver How' with warm fells of raw Sienna a hint of permanent Rose. Wet in wet proved a good technique for a mass of trees, hints of Lemon yellow, winsor Blue and touches of Gamboge. Islands of trees in the middle ground and reflections painted at the same time,  a few ripples under stones in the foreground.

But it's not just about painting a masterpiece, it's also totally emerging yourself in a view for a couple of hours, watching wildlife dance by and relaxing in the peace and quiet of the Lake District.

But we all know that with painting there is no gain without pain! 
We often go to great lengths to capture a scene. 
So with the day ending over a Hot chocolate on the shore of Grasmere and cute little ducklings to photograph. Screams of terror broke the peace and a fellow artist needed help and rescuing from a bad tempered mean Swan. Many will know I'm afraid of Swans but poor Margaret needed help. Mean old Swan was pecking, while my shouts of 'go away and shoo' did not detract. Thank goodness a knight in shinning armour saved poor Margaret from falling in the lake and getting savaged by mean old Swan!

So if you fancy a painting day with Lakeland art courses I promise not only a masterpiece but a wonderful memorable day spent in the beautiful Lake District.

 My next weekend painting on the shores of Derwentwater in watercolours Sat 9th and Sun 10th June 

 Just email me for more details or to reserve a place

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