Monday, 28 May 2012

Costa Coniston

What amazing weather we are having in the Lakes. I cycled round Costa Coniston this weekend.A  beautiful ride following the edge of the Lake with smells of Bluebells and wild garlic, and  fields of Yellow Buttercups grabbing my attention. With cloudless Winsor Blue skies reflected into the Lake I could have been in the twinned town of Solto Collino in Italy, above Lake Iseo.  

 Dandilion Heads 

Just one of the Buttercup fields with the Lake in the far distance behind the trees.

Daisies and tiny little blue flower that I'm trying to remember the name!!
Speedwell or 'Birds eye'

It's fantastic painting weather with so many little gems, I'm nearly doing the headless chicken act
of what to paint!
Lets see what this week brings, and as I write this I feel 'a painting a day' coming on.

For a painting weekend June 9th and 10th based around Derwentwater

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