Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The pochade journey begins

Just had a trip over to Whitby and Sandsend. Felt very inspired to paint some seascapes.
I did get time for a couple of sketches, but could have easily spent a few days painting.This reminded me of my beginners online project. A simple beach scene with a large sky, a distant headland, a few waves lapping the beach and people bringing life to the painting. If you fancy having a go http://www.watercolourcourse.co.uk/  
The light is beautiful at the moment and with touches of Autumn and the promise of hot weather it's perfect outdoor painting. I had a quick pochade session this evening, I'm going to try and paint 45, dare I say it!
10 x 8 outdoor sketch Oils before the end of the year.
So this is Number 2 and I struggled quite a bit! It' very rough but with just an hour I wanted to get the board filled with an outline and I find it's so important for seeing what is there to paint.
So we will see how the journey commences throughout the next three months.

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