Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever got the better of me today. Sometimes when you look out of the window, nothing inspires the artistic eye. So with pochade box and camera off I went to find inspiration and I wasn't coming home without it. I Sat on a stone beside Derwentwater and looked. Now what you see above of course came when I was off back home! But I did find it, nothing grand just a quick hour gazing at the fells and crags, Swallows and Dippers playing beside the waters edge and a couple of Swans that wanted to be painted, I had other ideas. I'm always wary of these beautiful birds. But reading yesterday about a fellow American artist who had to cope with a rattle snake we in the Lakes have nothing to worry about.

This zing of light got me thinking of a film? ET

The Pochade comes apart, I find working this way easier.

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