Monday, 13 June 2011

Painting a Lakeland wall using a palette knife

Easels and tripods at the ready.

With sunny skies my intrepid artists made their way to our first painting spot beside Derwentwater. Only to be met on route by a tiny Dormouse, struggling in the middle of the path. However cute he was I could not pick him up and put him in the grass verge. So thank goodness for the  brave artist Carol who deposited him safely. A very enjoyable morning was spent near Friars crag painting 'Jaws of Borrowdale.

Jaws of Borrowdale

The second day with rain for cast we enjoyed a morning painting above Millbeck with views extensively down to Derwentwater. Fields, trees and farm buildings inspired our first location. The afternoon found an intimate pathway with Foxgloves and stonewalls making a glorious entry. The sketches had just started, when heavy raindrops also decided to appear. We battled on trying to get a little detail down and then hot footed back to the warm hall for Coffee. Below is the quick demonstration I did using only Winsor Blue, Lemon Yellow and Permanent Rose with the help of a palette knife to show a stone wall.


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