Thursday, 23 June 2011

It should have been a relaxing day

What started with a cycle ride round Lake Iseo which is approx 45 miles enjoying the scenery relaxing thinking of where we could lunch. Suddenly changed at Riva di Solta.The cyle route was closed and the detour was up a mountain pass and then down into a thunderstorm at Lovere, we carried on cycling getting wetter and wetter and then reached the next cycle path to find this was closed due to rock fall. The only way was cycling through 1 mile tunnel, which was terrifying at this point the road was a foot deep in water. Just when I thought I could'nt be any wetter a giant wave from a lorry completly covered us with water. We carried on to the next village and sheltered in a shop door until a train came and delivered us safely back to Iseo. I did wonder about telling you this, but I did say yesterday I'll let you know how Italy trip is going!

So today gentle coffee drinking a leisurely ice cream and a little sketching is all this fearful artist is going to do!!I'll keep you posted!

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