Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ladies Lunch Italian style

Ladies Lunch Italian Style

Not quite finished yet but I wanted to show you how it was coming on. Again a full imperial piece so it's kept be busy for a while! It's based in a tiny borgo called Riva di Solta on Lake Iseo. I was told when painting there last year that it is twinned with 'Coniston' around 25 miles from Keswick.
I'm getting ready for our trip to Italy and trying not to pack the kitchen sink, well there is one in the Campervan! I was talking last week to one of my artist friends about  Arthur Melville and low and behold he had the book, which is out of print. This week has found me catching moments of reading when a 100 and other things should be done!! I will tell you very quickly about one of his adventures he rode from Damascus to Contantinople along the caravan route with escorted Arab gendarmes, along the way he was shot at by  bandits, fell off his horse, waited in a village for five days until the outlaws had gone, then he was attacked and robbed, then finally sent to prison believed to be a spy! Now can you imagine the painting he did when he returned safely home.


Stresa Sights said...

Jane, I LOVE this painting! It reminds me of so many lunches I've had along Lago Maggiore.. Dana

jane ward said...

Hey Dana, Many Many thanks, I'm hoping to do a little of this very soon.