Friday, 10 June 2011

The drought in Keswick

What a busy week, I'm getting ready for this weekend watercolour workshop with one eye on the weather and the other eye on painting. In between all this I was lent an Arthur Melville book and so had to have a quick go at his technique of applying Chinese white to the paper before starting to paint. Well the above painting was this and it is photographed in the 'sink technique' !!I think that says it all, but I'm going to have another go when I've a little more time.

Sorry for making you look sideways and creaking your neck, but has I said it's been a busy old week and the photo decided it would'nt rotate! Another Italian vista this time of a beautiful sleepy hole called
Riva di Solta. I'm hoping to do some more work on this next week.

And this is one of the views I'm hoping we may see this weekend, taken this afternoon from Millbeck, my only words on this are ' we are not suffering from a drought!' The golfing brolly is at the ready.

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