Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Two days in Boot

Wainwright paid it perhaps the ultimate accolade, stating that "Not many fells can be described as  beautiful but the word fits Harter Fell, especially so when viewed from Eskdale'. Fifty years later the view is still beautiful. A real classic view,walking in this area of the Lakes reminded me of Scotland much wilder and more remote. We passed only one family all day, even on 'Good Friday'.
The walk took us from Boot scrambling up a small gorge, joining a path and walking what seemed like away from the summit and then a real craggy rocky top, that needed another scramble to the very top.
I love this view down to Devoke Water, catching warm pink, evening light. Time for a quick sketch on the top of Green Crag, after a soggy wet ramble over the heather from Harter Fell.
A wonderful meal at the Boot Inn, we were ready for another day of Sunshine, and a walk up Whin Rigg. Again Wainwright kept me inspired and led me to another classic viewpoint. A  dramatic drop  down to Wastwater

Wastwater below

You certainly didn't want to hang around long, especially with a strong wind blowing. Another top Illgill Head and then a walk down to Burnmoor Tarn, 3rd largest  Tarn in The Lakes. It sits at the base of Scafell in a great expanse of grass and heather a rather stern and barren Tarn!

Here was our delightful camping spot beside the gurgling beck.


Kay said...

what a wonderful time you had. It looks like a wonderful place.

jane ward said...

It is a magical place Kay and very inspiring.