Thursday, 5 May 2011


Sensole, Monta Isola 
Not big, nor loud not even famous just magical, a place that enters your heart.
Painted in watercolours, on a full imperial sheet.


Dave from Keswick said...

Jane that's just beautiful. Just watched Monty Dons Italian Gardens from around Northern Italy and your painting captures the feel of the lakes and those huge gardens.

jane ward said...

Thank you very Dave, I watched it too, wasn't it wonderful

bluoso said...

Ancora un appuntamento con un luogo che ami e dove i tuoi colori esprimono gioia e serenità. Ciao e buona domenica. Luigi.

jane ward said...
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jane ward said...

Another appointment with a place where you love, your colors and they express joy and serenity. Hello and happy Sunday ..luigi

Molti Grazie Luigi per tipi commenti

Many thanks Luigi, I think this is translated correctly