Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The wettest place in England

Nasty, Nasty today here in Keswick. It's rained most of the day and at times torrential, and the strong gusts are blowing all those precious golden leaves away. We all know that Seathwaite approx 8 miles from Keswick is the wettest place in England, but I'm not aware which is the Sunniest and driest? So after checking on google

Sunniest is Eastbourne with average 146 days of sunshine per year, or 34,6 hours per week. But no mountains and Lakes there!

St Osyth, Essex is the driest place in the UK, with only 19inch approx of rain on average per year recorded over the last 40 years! But on the down side St Osyth Beach contains Essex's largest concentration of static caravan parks!

Seathwaite is pelted by around 124 inches of rain each year. Gosh can you believe it, no wonder we have Beautiful Lakes and gushing waterfalls and I have to wear  full mountain gear and wellingtons to go to the post office.

This doesn't show how wild it was!
The tall approx 30 foot  Christmas tree arrived in Keswick and was put up today, I hope it lasts till the festive time

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our shabby cottage said...

We have had the wettest Winter in about 12 years and our drought should be over soon. So, I can appreciate all the rain you are having! Kathryn. X
P.S. Please take a pic of the Christmas tree when it is all decorated????