Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Autumn Leaves, Tarn Hows Step by Step Pastel on fisher 400 paper

Stage one With the paper taped down  I laid on Unison pastels heavily, covering all of the paper. I thought about colour complementaries and flashes of bright colour showing through.

Stage two, using a damp old sponge I blended all the pastels together, I then dried with a hairdryer, making sure the paper was dry before I started to lay on more pastel.

Stage three Detail in the background was painted in a negative fashion, notice how the sky shapes the leaves and shows the colour laid on in the 1st stage.

 Finished painting
Autumn Leaves, Tarn Hows Pastel by Jane Ward
I thought I would have a go in Pastels at the Acrylic painting I did last week. It's a bit all go at the moment with 'Tirral Art Group' Pastel Demonstration tomorrow. It's an Autumn scene, any guesses on what the view is!
Looking at the Acrylic and Pastel side by side, I'm not sure which one I prefer, the pastels are softer and the Acrylic is slightly more photographic?

Tarn Hows Acrylic


luigi said...

Buon giorno Jane, a te che sai ben disegnare l'acrilico dà certamente soddisfazione. I pastelli hanno quella morbidezza di cui parli che a me piace molto, anche il procedimento è meno aggressivo, più vicino all'acquerello, forse. Molto belli comunque tutti e due. Ciao e buoni colori, fai bene ad usare tecniche varie, arricchisci te stessa in sensibilità ed esperienza.

jane ward said...

Trying out my Italian translation! think this is what Luigi is saying,a little more challenging many thanks Luigi
Good morning Jane, you know well that the acrylic paint gives satisfaction. The pastels have that you mention I like very much, also the procedure is less aggressive, a little closer to watercolors, maybe. However, both very nice. Hello and good color, you do well to use various techniques, Grow Rich in insight and experience.

Kay said...

wonderful instruction and painting..I love Unison pastels

Dave from Keswick said...

Hi Jane, this painting looks great, especialy as its framed and hanging on the wall in the gallery. You've really captured those autumn colours with the pastels, they just glow .... but I can't make up my mind as to which one is my favorite ... I like them both.