Friday, 12 November 2010

A week of weather

You've needed your woolly coats this week, we've had snow, ice, Gails and lots of rain. Oh and Wednesday was glorious but the nasty wind has blown all the colourful leaves out of the Lake District. Luckily on Wednesday morning I took a detour down to the Lake, with camera at the ready and snapped some beautiful photo's, I'm pleased I did. With the 80 mile an hour winds that came on Thursday, the only leaves left are on the ground.

I've never painted this boathouse, but it caught my attention on Wednesday sitting bathing in the morning sunshine.

You won't be able to tell but most of the ducks where having a morning nap!

'Robinson' the mountain or fell on your left, one of my favourites seen from Derwentwater.

 Here's this weeks  Friday 'tunes'

Not sure what I'm dreaming but the 'all the leaves are brown and the skies are grey!

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