Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The lost valley

The Lost Valley, Glen Coe Watercolour by Jane Ward

With the little bit of snow we got last week, and I think there may be some more on the tops today, I was definitly in the mood for some snowy drama. And where better than the 'Lost Valley in Glencoe. I've been into this valley three times twice in Summer and once in Winter. I had sketch pad and paints with me then and kept poor Nigel sitting by my side freezing!! It's funny but when your sketching in the outdoors it's not until you stop that you feel the cold!!
It's a very famous valley in the Scottish Highlands and you can feel the history and drama when you walk in.The residents of Glen Coe, famed for their cattle thieving activities were reputed to have used it as a safe haven for the cattle they stole from richer neighbours.


Dave from Keswick said...

Jane its beautiful, just beautiful.

jane ward said...

thanks Dave for your kind comments, I was really enjoyed painting this watercolour