Friday, 9 July 2010

Rush Hour Venice

One of the things I loved about Venice were the gondolier's! Talk about Cool! I didn't get to ride in one unfortunately, overhearing the price for 50 minutes per person of 80 euros was the decider! I also never heard any of them singing the cornetto song, I would surely want that for my 80 euros. So instead I photographed them and did a couple of quick sketches, I think they will make a interesting painting

Love this photo, you can just imagine all their thoughts!!Notice the Older chap rubbing his chin, I reckon he's just been told the price, and the man in Blue leaned in and said' that is for all day?' The Lady then thinks ' it's another new bag or Gondola ride!

Seen as though it's Friday thought I would show rush hour in Venice

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maria kovalenko leysens said...

Just found your blog and really enjoyed your photos, comments and paintings. thanks