Saturday, 17 July 2010

le tour Staveley

I can't believe how naive I've been, For some unknown reason I said I would take part in a 25 miles FUN bike ride, FUN been the the reason why I said yes!
So with the FUN ride approaching in 3 1/2 hours I now find out it's 28.5 miles and it's a Race, lucky or unlucky for me I checked the website this morning, you can imagine the look on my face when I read

Tow Top is back! This is a super steep and technical climb which will have you pumping the bars. This is followed by a new 'Tour of the Rusland' section which is a bit of a leg burner with some short but challenging climbs and then on to the infamous 'Bianchi Starda'

The LE TOUR DE STAVELEY is RIDDEN ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. The event is run on OPEN ROADS and Bike Wear will not accept responsibility for personal injury, death or damage to equipment while riding the course.

So what preperation have I done!!
Had Pasta for tea last night
Bought two BOOST chocolate bars
I've not been on the bike for two weeks
And I don't like wearing my cycling shorts 'Because my bum looks big'

Do you think I'm going to be ok.

Les and Liz our riding partneres who run are the ones I blame, well it's mainly Les, I wonder if Liz is aware of the sprint start!! and goodness only knows what 'Tow top' is??

I'm just an artist, who likes the colour Pink, Not Lance Armstrong
I will report back fingers crossed tomorrow.

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