Monday, 19 July 2010

Perfect painting bag

Hey I did it, the Le Tour de Staveley 29 miles! check out the photo!!!

Stood at the starting line in pouring rain quite excited and  pleased to see lots of age groups and obviously even more Lycra. The first section was wet and slippy on the roads even more so when it started to Hail. But then the wind got up and naturally blow dried, goodness knows what the hair was doing under the helmet!
The sun then came out, all the roads dried and made cycling along quiet undulating lanes more pleasurable. Seeing the refreshment stop at the top of the hill after 20 miles was a big welcome. The Boost bar helped give my tired legs a zap for the hilly last 9 miles. It was great cycling along hearing others struggling  up the accents giving breathlessly words of encouragement of ' keep going, don't get off ' Nigel was a star and kept me positive! Met a lovely chap that makes bags, he's called them all after his male friends we cycled along with Harry and Les who have named bags. I've got my eye on either 'Stewart or Mark' bags think they will make fab bags for taking the painting gear out on location. Here's the web site, Millican

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