Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The pink Jersey

Back in Keswick now, a few grey clouds about but not too grey, I think those wonderful Italian colours helped inspire. Thought I would share a few more photo's of Cannobio. Love the Purple Canopy against the yellow wall.

Fancyed one of these for Home!

Who says you need to go to the Caribbean for palm trees and white sands?

A great place to cycle, we started at the Lake edge and went up what felt like the mountain section of the 'Tour de France' The Italians have a 'Pink' jersey not a Yellow one!

A pretty Church beside a stunning gauge.

 Again Palm trees! this village was at 666 metres high, quite high enough, think I can buy a pink jersey now!  Notice the tidy veg patch, everywhere you go in Italy there is a little veg patch on tiny strips of land, that would otherwise but used for nothing.

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