Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England flags are flying

Now the Italian flag is flying, the sun is out and the old cliche' the sky is Blue and there really is nothing to spoil this view' We've had two lovely painting days in Lake Iseo, it is quite a magical place to paint.The locals are so friendly and nothing is too much trouble. It helps that the ice cream and pasta oh and of course the Franciacorta wine is delightful!Today the trusty artists are making their way by treno to the fishing town of Pisogne about 25 minutes from Sulzano at the head of the lake. The train follows alongside the lake edge and into the mountains so it should be a pretty ride.
So will the England flag be flying today, and will they make it into the next leg!! This is of course not the trusty artists, but the calcio team.


luigi said...

Bene! Dunque il sole รจ arrivato, vi auguro che continui a illuminare e riscaldare il vostro lavoro. Ciao.

d40 said...

Well Jane, we might just be getting some rain over here in Keswick but it has been warm and sunny.
You seem to have picked a beautiful place to hold your painting days, enjoying your blogg

Bardi said...

Hi Jane,
Feel quite envious knowing where you are as I recall our great time. Hope everyone is having an equally wonderful time this year and creating masterpieces!
Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
Weather here in Cornwall is superb. PLEASE let it last!