Sunday, 20 June 2010

After the Cloudburst

With Heavy skies full of more Italian rain, the enthusiatic watercolour party set off, with Umbrello's at the ready and sketchbooks to hand. Latte Macciato's helped the days first pen and ink sketch in Piazza Garibaldi, then moving on swiftly between the prolonged showers we found an undercover place on the front. Skies of grey, with low cloud adding to the damp atmosphere, but plenty of stripped turquoise posts to brighten up the painting. A glass of red helped the afternoon along and watercolours all came out to play.

Only in Italy do you see, a man with pink trousers, on a bike, with Umbrello up and managing to speak into a mobile phone.

'After the cloudburst'
Painted in watercolours by Jane Ward

1 comment:

luigi said...

Molto bello, limpido, suggestivo. Vi pensavo ieri e oggi, dunque la pioggia non vi ha impedito di lavorare. Sento che l'entusiasmo รจ alto forse anche per merito di un buon bicchiere di rosso che riscalda. Quando ci vuole! Ciao e in bocca al... sole!