Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cows with Bells

Three days of driving, with overnight stops in 'Sandwich' a pretty village near to Dover, 'Sempach' a small pretty lakeside town near Basel in Switzerland. On arriving  in Lake Iseo the 1st thing that is needed after 1100 miles is 'Una Gelateria' Italian Ice cream!. The river and Lake seem high and driving through Switzerland the waterfalls were so dramatic gushing water down the steep Ravines, it a stunning country, near perfect dramtic scenery, snowy mountain peaks peaking through swirling soft cloud, lush green pastures, cows with bells and pretty wooden chalets. But on reaching Italy, the Landscape softens, colourful Pinks, soft Yellows and Terracotta buidings sit on mountain edges, vineyards slope down the mountain, and the petrol stations are full of people talking, smoking and eating off picnic tables set with cloths and full baskets overflowing with food.
And so what is next after an Ice Cream of course a Pizza.


luigi said...

Ciao, la tua descrizione è bellissima, dice tutta la gioia che senti e la sensibilità con cui ti guardi attorno. Questa nostra terra è accogliente in tutti i sensi, anche se il cattivo tempo può a volte tglierle la dolcezza e i colori sereni ci cui parli. Benvenuta, buona vacanza e... buon lavoro! Luigi.

jane ward said...

Hello, your description is beautiful, says all the joy you feel and the sensitivity with which when you look around. This is our country and friendly in all senses, even if the weather is bad ( I got a bit lost on this bit of translation!). Welcome, good holiday . .. good job! Luigi.
Kind words from Luigi translated by Jane

our shabby cottage said...

Have a few scoops for me will you Jane?