Thursday, 10 June 2010

A chosen doorstep

A Strange sky took us down to the Lake today, I don't mean it gave us a lift down! Just thought we would get a better view from Crow Park, and what a lovely view, to think that this was on the way into town, to go to the Bank, Boots and Post Office. When I 1st moved to Keswick I would often walk this way just to go to the Supermarket, it's got to be better than Camberley Tesco's. I pick Camberley Tesco because to get there you had to drive amongst 8 other lanes, a massive roundabout and then 50 odd checkouts to contend with.

I also remember saying to a friend 'we are so lucky to have this on our doorstep' the friend replied 'Ahh but Jane you moved your doorstep to have this!'

Iris's in Bloom Hope Park Keswick

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luigi said...

Ciao Jane, foto sempre suggestive, in particolare la prima che mostra una situazione molto strana. Buon fine settimana.