Monday, 22 March 2010

Street paintings

Street Paintings
 I'm going to have a go at demonstrating  this to my Wednesday Class, they asked for people in the landscapes and a street, so I think this might fit the bill. We could be in for a fun morning. It's inspired from Iseo town, every 3rd Sunday they have outdoor antique and art fair. Last year we happened to be painting in Iseo on the same Sunday, it certainly was buzzing with art apprieciating Italians. I'd love to have a go one time!

Evening Flight, Derwentwater.

Why evening flight well If you look closely there are a couple of Canadian Geese. I started on this last week and could'nt decide whether to put the geese in or not. Then stood having a coffee outside and 7 of them went flying by honking, so I took this as an omen and in they went. This could be one of the Grasmere paintings, just over a week left and I still a have a couple left to paint.


luigi said...

Stupenda l'atmosfera del lago e molto carino anche il soggetto che vuoi proporre (Iseo poi... Italia!). La gente si ferma sempre volentieri ad ammirare i quadri esposti lungo una via e nelle piazze. Sono segno di festa e di bellezza. Ciao e buon lavoro.

jane ward said...

I will try and translate again what Luigi said
'Wonderful atmosphere of the lake and very nice also the subject that you want to sugest (Iseo Italy then ...!). People like to stop always with pleasure to admire the paintings on display along a street and squares. They are a sign of celebration and beauty. Hello and good work'. I think thats'it!

our shabby cottage said...

Wonderful Jane, I'm sure the class will love it and maybe even be inspired to go on your next trip to Italy! Tell me, re;the pic below of Moot hall in Keswick town centre, what is the name of the big bakery down to the left of this picture? Hubs and I were racking our brains last night trying to think of it! It is a fairly large one where you can sit down inside and eat as well. I think it also had an upstairs bit? Hope you are well? Kathryn. X

jane ward said...

Many thanks Kathryn for your positive comments, this painting certainly kept the class quiet this morning!
Brysons is the name of the bakery!

Still enjoying the twilight series,thanks to yourself, nearly finishing book 3 have you read number 4 yet!