Wednesday, 24 March 2010

People painting session

Demonstarted the 'people street scene' this morning  ‘Start on the buildings and the street first, then pop in the people, I heard myself saying full of confidence, a few eyebrows lifted. The secret I said ‘ is that most of the head tops are all on the same line, it’s the bodies that alter in size, smaller in the distance bigger in the foreground. We started eventually on the painting, the buildings went in with plenty of colour, now it was the people, ‘ One lady said with concern ‘ I only do it if its Fun’ It’s easy I said ‘just a blob for the head, a bit of a body and legs don’t worry about shoes and give the ground a shadow to stop them floating away. Walking round the class I noticed a few people shapes had been painted in doing star jumps, we had a cowboy slumped round a corner, ladies with handbags which of course no Italian signore would come out without her bag, Not sure about the cowboy though! I think everyone enjoyed our different session this morning. It was the last one till September, I'm sure it will soon be here, but with thoughts of warm sunny days ahead of us, off I walked home in the pouring rain

Saw this row of washing in Millbeck, I love the socks! Notice also the snow is going on the fells, sitting in front of the fire writing this though.

Ahhh look at this baby Baa Lamb, only looks a few hours old.

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Kay said...

what a funny bit! I love the "I only do this if it is FUN". Love the potos too..especially the baby lamb.