Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Demonstration in watercolours on Daffodils

Demonstrated Ullswater Daffodils to my monthly Wednesday class this morning, and they all did a smashing job, it's a great class everyone is very enthusiastic, which makes my job so much easier. I asked what they would like to do for the next session, ' people in paintings' and maybe a 'street scene'!!
So walking home in the sunshine, through Keswick town centre, passing locals and tourists sat outside enjoying coffee and listening to the busker playing. It felt like been abroad.

Moot Hall, Keswick

Capuccino time


luigi said...

Bello, fresco e invitante per una giornata di sole primaverile. Anch'io sto guidando un bel gruppetto che si impegna e quindi mi dà soddisfazione. Buona notte.

jane ward said...

Molti Grazie Luigi per tuo semplice parole

I'm learning Italian so will try and translate!
Beautiful, fresh and inviting on a sunny day in spring. I too am leading a good group that is committed and then gives me satisfaction. Good night.