Wednesday, 20 May 2009

One to One watercolour instruction

Demo of Daffodils at Ullswater 20th May 09

Today I taught three ladies who were celebrating a 60th birthday, and for a surprise they had organised a private watercolour workshop day. So I hired the lovely hall that I use near Keswick with good lighting, nice and warm and tea and coffee nearly on tap! It was ideal as we had talked about painting outside but with one of the ladies been a beginner and just in case the weather was a bit iffy,which it was! We were inside, so what to paint? Firstly we tackled Daffs at Ullswater which has all techniques in from misty mountains, water, masking out and trees! They did really well. Then later in the afternoon we started the snow scene below again with lots of techniques we also kept our colours to a mini um using only primary with a touch of Burnt Sienna in. Again they did really well it's amazing how a day of watercolour and going over techniques ,sticking with a limited palette can really bring students watercolours on. It did help that they had a box of Thortons Chocolates now I wonder if this is the secret ingredient to a good watercolour session!!

Demo of Winter grazing 20th May 09

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Galina Nikolova said...

Beautiful watercolors!
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