Sunday, 31 May 2009

Grand Art

The weather, we Brits just cant help ourselves we love talking and discussing it whether it be bad, wet, foggy or as the last few days have been very sunny and hot. I do love this time of the year and painting outside in the warm sunshine is heaven. I have one little problem Hayfever! well I think it's tree pollen. Anyway this week seems to have flown by I've been trying out the new Winsor and Newton Artists Acrylics but using them like watercolours, the results were pretty bright but I think ok. I occassionally work a day for a friend in her gallery so that was Friday. I've had some good response this week from the online watercolour course It's proving really popular, I'm so pleased because it was one of those ideas that came to me at 2.30am when you can't sleep and you should be thinking of nothing! But it's been great getting it off the ground and building the new website has gone ok fingers crossed. Friday night we went fishing but not a bite was taken but the views of Skiddaw across the flower meadow was lovely. So yesterday I started on Italian Balcony it's a commission, so this is the the first stage, I'm hoping to get quite alot done today I just hope it goes well it took 3/4 of the day to sketch. I got a text yesterday from my Dad who is on holiday in the Greek Islands to put a bet on a horse 'Grand Art' he was positive it would win, so what do you do? I'm not used to going into betting offices but I couldn't resist so been a careful Yorkshire girl I put £5 to win and the little beauty won!


Ist stage of Italian Balcony

It's not long to we go to Italy, I'm getting really excited especially with the good weather here.

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