Thursday, 14 May 2009

I see pink in the sky

It's been a lovely Painting course this week, the weather forecast on Sunday said we would have two good days. We managed to paint very comfortably outside all four days sitting in Sunshine Monday amongst Bluebells, Tuesday out of the wind and catching the warm sun rays at Rydal, Wednesday the showers kept away till early evening so a pleasurable morning beside Rydal Water and then at my favourite tea garden on Grasmere shore. Now today we were promised rain! driving over the 'raise' as the locals call it. I spyied beautiful reflections on a calm Grasmere Lake, so with golfing brollies in hand we headed to the lake and guess what the brollies were not put to use.

Lovely reflections on Grasmere

Notice the soft floating clouds they are just perfect for a watercolour approach. I often put pink in my skies, and students often ask 'can you see pink in the sky?' with a mystified look, well I see pink in this sky.
I think these are Milk Maidens or that's what we used to call them.
Now you know that I do like to take my painting to the sink! well one of my students took it a step further and let a sudden gust of wind lift her painting it into the air and let it float majestically into the Lake below, you could see it begin to soften beautifully. It was unreachable even I was not going to venture down the steep rock.
It's been a busy week and I'm looking forward to my exhibition starting tomorrow, it will be great to see the new paintings on show.

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eyes wide open said...

Great photos! Thanks