Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Perspective in a blonde way

After a busy few days of art, watercolour workshop weekend and Monday night evening class, I should really not feel like getting the paints out, but it can get a little addictive like coffee and chocolate. On a Tuesday I paint with a group of friends and fellow artists (when do you call yourself this? I think when you know the difference between a rigger, hake or filbert and not just an emulsion brush)
So what to paint, I wanted to have a go at a balcony scene that I have painted in Italy in Acrylics, I have very fond memories of Nonna looking over the balcony with a wooden spoon in hand watching us painting her beautiful terrace and I'm sure a very tasty pasta sauce dripping off her spoon, there really is nothing like painting in Italy . But today trying to get my head round perspective and vanishing points was a difficult one, painting mountain tops and Lakeland scenes is much easier, but it is good to challenge yourself! So now I will take a couple of paracetamols and head off down to the Lake to help sort my muddled head out.

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