Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Come and have a look at what I'm doing

Robin's are one of my favourite little birds, they seem so tame here in the Lakes, I think it's to do with all the walkers giving them crumbs, this little chap came and perched on the end of my easel while I was doing an outside demo in Grasmere. I have a four day course next week starting Monday, I like to keep quite an open mind about what we will paint, you never know what will inspire you I'm hoping to do a session at Rydal and also the waterfalls at Rydal Mount, they are set in beautiful gardens which have recently been renovated and most importantly there is a smashing little coffee shop with fantastic home bakes, just what an artist will need after a few hours painting outside. The weather this week in the Lakes is a little warmer I'm hoping it continues for next week, and it's great to see lighter nights, I do so hate it when it's dark at 3.30pm.

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richbos said...

Nice, we get lizards the size of cats here....

....I'm just saying :-)