Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Misty and Mild

Misty reflections at Rydal Water
I'm on my first four day 09 course and the weather has been very kind for two days, we've managed to paint outside it's been great to get outside and with no wind it's quite pleasant. Today we started at Rydal Mount with a delightful waterfall, the trees were not getting in the way as they do in summer so we had a great view to paint in pastels. After this we made our way through the Church gardens passing 'Dora's field' famous for Wordsworth daffodils and down to Rydal Lake shore, we did a quick few pencil sketches ready for Wednesday's demonstration in watercolours, unless we have glorious Sunshine.

Stage 1 waterfall Rydal Mount pastels on glasspaper
Stage 2 Waterfall

Monday at Faeryland, Grasmere Best Hot chocolate cafe view

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