Friday, 6 February 2009

Cold tea

Didn't start painting till about 1.30 today, I couldn't get in the mood, I was wanting to paint some daffodils that I bought yesterday, but they are still tightly in bud, even thou I've had them over the radiator, on the windowsill and even in the conservatory that reached 19 degrees this afternoon, but no they are still in bud. I think I knew I couldn't paint them! but what I was really doing was putting off painting my foreground in this picture, sometimes you do doubt that you can paint, anyway I started and within 5 minutes I was enjoying it, I know this because two cups of tea went untouched!! Anyway I'm pleased with this afternoons work, just a little more tweaking and I think you can it done!! Then maybe the Daffs will be in flower!!

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richbos said...

Ah yes, there's nothing worse than an untouched cuppa. Praise the lord for microwaves, although we don't have the luxury over here, bit of a shame too as I've had a few stale brews myself lately.

Another great painting btw, I am watching.