Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Rumbles of Thunder

Day two. Well I fancied painting outside today, I got all ready, watercolours, camera tripod ( I use this for an easel, it's very light weight and means I can work upright and hands free) puffa jacket, this keeps me nice and snug on those cold fells.But the Hail came, the tiny bit of sunshine that was there disappeared behind big grey clouds and to top it all rumbles of thunder!!! perfect outside watercolour conditions!!! So I dug out my sketch book and worked from an old colour sketch of a favourite view, it's from a part of Derwentwater that I love, I never tire from painting at this spot. I'm more pleased with today's painting again it's on Arches 140 not paper, I used a limited palette of Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Rose and a touch of Indian Yellow, I also checked my tonal range with my little tonal gadget, it's been a real eye opener using this and I feel has made a big difference to my watercolour paintings. I made my tonal gadget myself , I think I could copyright it!! It includes all 9 tones that you should use in a painting. So tomorrow, let's hope the sun shines on those snow clad fells and I can get out and capture them.

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