Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Here am I sketching in one of my favourite places, Chamonix I am looking across at the 'Dru' a wonderful mountain or maybe it is called a peak!! I have spent the New year here and the weather has been fabulous very cold but brilliant blue skies I think the shade is between winsor blue and cobalt but maybe a need to look into another blue!! It's very easy to stick with the same palette year after year, a new year should bring a few new ideas, techniques and new colours.Today I tried using gouache instead of watercolour to see if this freezes!! and it didn't but we were sitting in bright sunshine, I always find it quite challenging using a different media, today the only challenging thing was that I had paint in the bottom of my bag, the gouache hadn't hardened like watercolour.The other challenging thing was skiing down a cadmium red run!!

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