Friday, 23 January 2009

Is it, or isn't it that is the question!!

Day Five. I think Innominate Tarn is finished now, I really enjoyed painting this, there's nothing like painting when everything is going well, I do enjoying working on canvas and painted this upright on an easel I tend to stand instead of sitting, I like to feel that I'm stepping into the painting! Not sure what tomorrow will bring, the fells had a lovely covering of snow today, it would be great to get out in it!! One of the joys about living here in the Lakes is that you are never stuck for a mountain to climb, it's just making your mind up which one!! I've been busy this week with bookings for my Italy course in June and my online course is taking off, it's fantastic seeing how students really come on with each project.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the stages with this, I'd like to see more (can you tell what it is yet? - lol)