Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day one Well this is the first painting of hopefully six, painted in one sitting, I wasn't sure what I fancied painting this cold and wintry morning, but obviously needed reminding of warmer sunnier days! It was a close call for photographing before it got too dark, I will re photograph it tomorrow in a better light. It was painted on Arches 140lbs paper using Ultramarine, Cad Red, Translucent yellow and Burnt Sienna watercolours a little masking fluid was put on the daisies. Thinking what to call it ' Terracotta Pots' got me thinking on my Italian language 'Terra' means earth and 'Cotta' is cooked, cooked earthern pots makes sense!! . Not sure what I feel like painting tomorrow, I wonder if it may be a snow scene!!

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