Thursday, 11 February 2016

Keeping pastels clean.

I like a tidy start with pastels. Ten minutes later it looks slightly different!  Here is the set up, with some colours chosen, put together in tones and colour hues. 
I find having white paper is ideal to test colours and also clean pastels. Using the Pastelmat paper I do find any dirt or muddy colours on the pastels does show on the paper. I also wipe them regularly with tissue, or give them a shake in ground rice. Couscous seems to work too!!If you don't like me have ground rice in the cupboard

I often start with the background. Cooler tones, less detail and getting a feel for the place I'm in.
By the way, I forgot to tell you where we are. 
Looking into the Langdale valley from Lingmell fell, a super inspiring place at any time, but with the sun shining it's pure heaven.

This is as far as I've got, the Pastel sticks have had a party. Masking tape has been applied in the foreground,  I want to retain some of the juicy darks for later. And now it's time to stand back and figure out what needs adjusting.
I like to jump into the studio for a few minutes and see what catches my eye.

I'll keep you posted, with the progress.

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