Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Finding the perfect Yellow watercolour

I do find Landscape painting easier than expressing myself with Flowers. But it is all about the challenge and Flowers really get you thinking especially in watercolours. I often think how I would approach the subject in pastels, and I'm sure it could be easier, but do we as artists want easy???

That is the question, do we want to paint atmospheric, soft yet stunning Flowers, I'm sure we do.

Those that know me, will know I have a thing about colours, the ingredients, translucency, staining, flow and the special numbers that make them what they are.

Who said been an artist was easy or boring!!

Today I've been sat thinking about Yellow and doing some research, my friends would laugh if they knew, it's not just a yellow.

Cool, Mid or Warm. Pure, Opaque or tinged with another shade.

So with this in mind, we do need to choose the right colours for our palette, it will make a difference and most importantly give confidence.

I've organised a Fabulous Flower watercolour course in Grasmere staying at the very special Glenthorne with a super studio in the Gardens. It's going to be just a small group, but I promise at the end we will have learnt so much and tried different techniques and had a wonderful time.
If you would like to come along either on the course just send me an email there are a couple of single or twin ensuite rooms left. Or if you live nearby and just would like to come on the course, just let me know.

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