Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Watercolour versus Water soluble Oils

Pansey Power Watercolour
 Experimenting with watercolours, trying to paint looser is harder than you think.
 In fact I find it needs an open mind and full concentration. Music helps.
 Plenty of clean water, new ideas with colour mixing, tonal values allowing the paint to move and make plenty of happy accidents. Above all  keep smiling.
I usually paint watercolours on a flat board, but today I worked upright on the easel with happy runs helping the painting process and no sketching, straight in with the weak paint.

Emerging Pansies painted in Oils
I'm trying out my new Water-soluble Oils in this quick undercoat. I love the way the paint has blended and merged together softly. I want to paint a few more tweaks but and capital B for but I don't want to over work and loose the softness. Will keep you posted
Fancy painting watercolours and would like lots of tips on techniques, colour mixing and personal critique

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