Friday, 19 June 2015

Lanty's Tarn, Pastel Demonstration

An evening walk to a secret tarn. I had to figure out a suitable angle, the tarn was a little dried up and sad looking, but I could see it's true beauty. With a new pastel paper to try out 'Pastelmat' I roughly sketched in with charcoal and then applied loosely cool blues for the background.

I enjoy painting negative shapes instead of the positive, so took great delight finding the sky between the back foliage. The back sunlight field took it's place. Next came the old wall with hints of mauve to compliment. Silver birches with light bark broke the dark green foliage.

 A few Bluebells under the Birch trees helped to stop bring light to the greens. Background colours are applied swiftly into the lake and then softened with finger tips in downward movements. A few little ripples with the side of a light pastel stick.

Trying very hard not to get too busy. Bringing light into the front tree and reflections are again added and softened, a colour shaper helps to bring light into the softened tarn and helps to subdue some of the branches. A signature is added and I hope you like the painting, I must say that I really enjoyed working on this super paper, and will defiantly be using it again.

Lanty's Tarn
Size 8 x 8 inches
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