Wednesday, 10 June 2015

On location with watercolours

I found myself a nice spot next to the riverbank, with one easel leg in the river. The water was easy to retrieve for paints, I dealt with the nettles next to me and settled down to paint. The sun shone and lit the view perfectly lit, birds sung and the Sheep wondered what I was up to. You can't beat painting on location on days like these.
No sketching, I wanted a loose and free approach. Saunders Waterford behaved well with no pre stretching, and the sun dried the paint fairly rapidly.

This was a rough sketch, one to enjoy the painting process in a beautiful place. Taking photo's along the way of your work does help, especially when you can look back and think, I quite liked this before I put a wretched tree in!

I looked up and saw I had an audience, I think they will definitely go in the next painting of this scene.
Number One art critic was still happy catching fish
So the paints came out again, a couple of Birch trees catching the evening light and pretty wild flowers leading the way.

I masked the trees and then the fun began, I do love throwing  the paint in gay abandon and letting the paint decide the outcome. I rubbed some wax on the paper to help the Cow parsley, but could have done with a little more and a few pastels or Gouache would have been handy.
Fancy learning about the joys of  English watercolours
The Online course can be completed anywhere, it doesn't need to be on the side of a river bank.
Utah, Hawaii, Auckland, Seattle  or even London!

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