Friday, 15 May 2015

Watercolour painting in the Lake District

Painting on location, is quite different to painting at home in the studio.
I never expect to create a masterpiece, more a happy memory than can be used as a study.
To sit and stare at a scene for a while, taking in the beauty, smells and sounds is such a joy. And when the sun lights up the scene, it's an experience like the 'Show is about to begin' 
My happy intrepid artists this week endured different weather conditions, I'm sure just like Turner did in his day. But the sun shone on the Butterflies in the Bluebell wood, the Lake was calm with reflections and the waterfalls sparkled with the Dippers playing in the pool. 
What more can you ask for when painting outdoors.

If you fancy painting outdoors in the Lake District

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