Monday, 18 May 2015

Pastel Bluebell Demonstration.

Stage One
Fisher 400 pastel paper, a good selection of Unison and Inscribe pastels.
Cool Blues, Emerald, Purple are applied into the background and then blended together.
 Inscribe Pinks and purples, and shades of yellow and Green are laid down in horizontal bands. A bright red is used for the base of the path. The main aim of the first stage is to cover the pastel paper and blend the colours softly together.

Stage Two
I work on an upright table easel, with card underneath the painting board to catch the pastel dust which drops. This can then be easily removed, and stops excess pastel dust floating in the atmosphere or onto the painting. Tree trunks are painted in with the edge of Unison pastels I started with shades of Olive green and dark Indigo, lighter shades of cream are painted on top. This is one of the joys of this paper, many layers can be painted creating clean light or dark shades.

Stage Three
Starting to find the way in the wood, creating depth and distance with cooler shades. Bottom of Tree trunks are painted at different heights this really helps with perspective. Colour complementary yellow with mauve. 

Stage four
The foreground trees get more detail, light on the back and more branches overlapping the back trees in the distance. Purple, pink and white are all dragged softly across the paper to help create a mass of Bluebell colour. Bright Spring Greens are used to shape the leaves on the front trees.

Stage five
More leaves are painted with a selection of greens and yellows, even hints of white to capture the light. Grasses in the foreground are added using the sharp edges of the Inscribe pastels. A path is created using Ochre's and then a shadow laid gently on top.

Bluebell Light
painted in pastels.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Wow - I loved seeing how this developed. Bravo - wonderful demo.

Jane Ward said...

Thank you Julie,really chuffed you enjoyed it:-)

Chris said...

That really is VERY impressive!!