Monday, 10 November 2014

Haweswater Pastel demo


Painted in Pastels

As promised Haweswater, inspired on a cycle ride. I started with a watercolour wash on Saunders Waterford stretched not paper. Not too much detail, I tried to keep it loose but also bright tonal colours that were painted in one wash. Decision time, do I carry on with watercolours or apply pastels? Nothing to lose I'm working on a small scale and it's a good learning excerise for a
 larger scale painting.
Shadows of mauves were added first and then warm Ochres for the rich velvet fells. 
Next I attacked the sky this was fun, the shades of watercolour helped, I slightly deepened the sky tone in places and then added paler shades for clouds floating by.
Refelections in the Lake are applied with more pressure and smoothed downwards and trees quickly painted in with sharp strokes using the side of the pastel stick.

A few Pastel tips
I have a sheet of paper that I use to check the colours, tonal values and also clean the pastel on.
Take your time, think about the marks and colours you put down, I like to apply the correct colour and not rub out or overwork.
Leave the painting somewhere you can see it, and come back in a few days to re evulate it.

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